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Edmond Hall

Flyin' High 1949-1959

Product Details

  • Audio CD: Released 2006
  • Material Recording Dates: 1949 and 1959
  • Material Recording Locations: Savoy Cafe, Boston, and Nola Penthouse Studio in New York
  • Source Material: Originally issued on two LP's, one for the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz and the other on Rae-Cox 1120. Traditional jazz by the one and only Edmond Hall and his friends Omer Simeon, Herbert Hall, Dick Cary , Jimmy Raney, Al Hall, Jimmy Crawford, Johnny Windhurst, Vic Dickenson, Kenny Kersey and John Field.
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: IAJRC
  • Catalog Number: CD-1020
  • Number of Pages In Booklet: 8
  • Total Playing Time: 70:51
  • Remaining stock: Good

Listen to Track Samples

1. Rumpus On Rampart Street
2. Neighbors
3. Rose In Her Window
4. Flyin' High  
5. African Tempo  
6. Swingin'  
7. Hallelujah  
8. Dawn On The Desert  
9. Lover  
10. African Fu-Fu  
11. Singin' The Blues  
12. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny  
13. Robbins Nest  
14. St. Louis Blues  
15. Jack The Bear  
16. Lonely Moments  
17. I Get The Blues When It Rains  
18. Panama