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CD Quick Index

James Reese Europe

featuring Noble Sissle

Product Details

  • Audio CD: Released 1996
  • Material Recording Dates: 1919
  • Material Recording Locations: NYC
  • Source Material: Pathe 78 RPM discs
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: IAJRC
  • Catalog Number: CD-1012
  • Number of Pages In Booklet: 12
  • Total Playing Time: 69:46
  • Remaining stock: Low

Listen to Track Samples

1. Broadway "Hit" Medley. Intro; I've Got the Blue Ridge Blues - Madelon - Till We Meet Again - Smiles
2. St. Louis Blues
3. How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
4. Arabian Nights
5. Indianola
6. Darktown Strutters' Ball  
7. Hesitating Blues  
8. Plantation Echoes  
9. That Moaning Trombone  
10. Memphis Blues  
11. Russian Rag  
12. Ja Da  
13. Mirandy  
14. On Patrol in No Man's Land  
15. Jazz Baby  
16. All of No Man's Land Is Ours  
17. Jazzola  
18. When the Bees Make Honey  
19. The Dancing Deacon  
20. That's Got 'Em  
21. Clarinet Marmalade  
22. Missouri Blues  
23. Dixie Is Dixie Once More  
24. My Choc'late Soldier Sammy Boy  

Collective personnel: Frank de Broit, Russell Smith, Pops Foster, Jake Porter, Amos Gilliard, Ward "Dope" Andrews, Herb Flemming, Calvin Jones or Raphael Hernandez, Antonio Gonzales, Vess Williams, Percy Gree, Arturo Ayala, Clarence "Piccolo" Jones, Joshua Carter, Severino Hernandez, "Pinkhead" Parker, Steve Wright or Herbert Wright or Karl Kenny, Noble Sissle, C. Creighton Thompson and others.