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About the IAJRC Journal

The IAJRC Journal is a top-quality quarterly magazine that covers jazz on a worldwide level, as well as keeping IAJRC members abreast of everything that’s happening in the Association. The Journal is included with your annual membership of the IAJRC. From the March 2012 issue, the Journal editor is Ian Tiele email icon (click the icon to send a message)

Articles in the Journal cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Musician and other interviews
  • Scholarly articles
  • Book, DVD and CD reviews
  • Timely jazz news
  • Discographical research
  • IAJRC Convention coverage
  • And much more!

Sample Journal Articles:
(click on the pdf icon icon after the title to download/view the article)

  • Jazzy Jimmy Dorsey  (PDF 590 KB)
  • The Courageous Kurt Henkels - Jazz in Communist East Germany  (PDF 1.09 MB)
  • Bob Inman's Swing Adventures in New York City, June 1937  (PDF 1.83 MB)
  • Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall - The Story of the Session  (PDF 339 KB)
  • The Baritone Saxophone in American Recorded Jazz 1926-1946  (PDF 153 KB)
  • A Portrait of George Lewis  (PDF 42 KB)
  • Irving Mills - Record Producer: The Master and Variety Record Labels  (PDF 448 KB)
  • Inside Duke's Head  (PDF 101 KB)


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